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Sytex stands at the forefront of logistics and shipping services, offering unparalleled global collaboration with leading shipping and courier companies. Our expertise ensures seamless logistics services of any scale, adeptly handling customs importation procedures from extra-EU countries. Whether it’s shipment and receiving of parcels worldwide, navigating customs procedures, or offering secure storage solutions, Sytex is your trusted partner. Our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and personalized service transforms the complexity of global logistics into streamlined, straightforward solutions, making every shipment a success story. With Sytex, experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your logistics needs are in expert hands. Owning a private yacht offers a unique opportunity to discover global destinations. However, managing VAT and international regulations can be complex for yacht owners. The Temporary Admission (TA) regime offers a solution, simplifying navigation in European waters by allowing non-EU yacht owners to bring their vessels into the EU temporarily without VAT charges. This exemption applies under specific conditions such as the yacht being used solely for private purposes and being registered outside the EU, with a time limit of up to 18 months within a 10-year period. Restrictions include ineligibility for refits or repairs under TA, with other options like Inward Processing Relief available for such purposes. Owners are advised to prepare the necessary documentation and seek professional tax advice to ensure compliance and optimize the benefits of TA.

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